Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Heat is ON!

It was nearly thirty five years ago. Two girls took their first breaths within hours of each other. One was supposed to be named Rebecca, but her mother changed her mind at the last minute. Instead, she chose the name Lorettajo. For years, Lorettajo hated it because it was so different. Oh, how she wanted to have a normal name, like Rebecca, but apparently that name was meant for someone else born that day.

Through the years, Lorettajo and Rebecca crossed paths. They went to the same parties and hung out with the same crowd. But, for some reason, they never met. Or, if they had, it wasn't significant enough for either to remember.

Their lives merged one day in an exercise class. The two girls, now both women and mothers, hit it off. They chatted after class and found out how much they had in common. Both married young, had husbands named Mark, and loved to write.

Rebecca encouraged Lorettajo to attend the writing class she attended. Lorettajo had no writing experience, but in spite of her fears, she went. She had started a novel the month, just to see if she could do it. The time was right for her to move ahead.

Weeks of class turned into months and quickly became years. The two girls bonded easily; their children followed suit. Life moved them along and before either one of them knew it, Lorettajo found herself in love with writing more than ever.

Over the years, Rebecca had finished her own novel and revised it many times. She sent out multiple queries. She received more rejections than she cared to count, but still didn't give up. She continued to revise, resubmit, and survive through it all. Lorettajo progressed right along side her. She finished her novel and began revising it. Rebecca noticed.

So, now, these two women, living underneath the same astrological sign for nearly 35 years are in a race. Rebecca swears she will get published first. Maybe so, but the heat is on as two Aries charge towards the next phase of their lives. Who will get their first? Only time will tell.