Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today, at the gym...

I love music.  I'm not so much about creating it, but about feeling it.  I love lyrics and rhythm and the way my body moves when it catches just right.  Sometimes I'll choose a machine at the gym over classes because I prefer my playlist over the instructor's choice of music.

But today...I was inspired.

I'm revising a new novel now and the themes are still floating around in my head.  How do I want to make the reader feel?  What do I want to think about as I'm writing?

Every word of every song matters when I am seeking an emotion to write about.

I nearly fell over in conditioning class today when one song started.  The words swept me away.  I knew what they were singing about and now I have to write about it too.  So, this video is for you Rio.  Thanks for sharing your back story with me today.