Saturday, March 23, 2013

Challenging "Status Quo" Theories

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What is the definition of status quo?

status quo

  [kwoh]  Show IPA
the existing state or condition.
Also called status in quo.

1825–35;  < Latin status quō  literally, state in which

What does status quo mean?

WIKI Answer:

(1) It refers to the present situation.

(2) It is often represented by a law.

(3) It is not a view, but people can be against it.

My New Year's Resolution for 2013 was to maintain my own "status quo." It was born out of a conversation I had with a mentor years ago, when I expressed a need to grow in my current job. She actually asked me, "Why do you need to grow now? What's wrong with just status quo?"

I had no answer for her, except that I was bored and tired and needed something MORE. But I pondered her question for a long time. So, in late December, I asked myself that question.

I decided to give status quo a try. After all, 2012 had been a huge year for me professionally: I released my first co-authored book and found a new job that is completely outside my comfort zone. It was time to build up the skills I already had without adding anything new.

Hence, I chose the words "For once I want to enjoy my status quo" when I declared my goals for 2013.

Who would of thought some of my closest friends would tell me this is a horrible idea? And then they reprimanded me for even thinking it.

But my stance is personal. It's about MY STATUS QUO, not anyone else's. I desire to enjoy my "state in which". I desire to appreciate my "present situation". I want to develop skills I already have, maybe even perfect them. I want to grow taller, not spread out even more. I want my roots to take hold so my foundation feels more secure than it did last year. I want to catch my breath.

So, I am where my mentor was a few years ago. And now, I turn the question around to them and ask: "So what IS wrong with status quo?" because in the end: Everything is in a state of flux, including the status quo. Robert Byrne

PS-I started this blog a few weeks ago. And I may have to declare my New Year's Resolution a wash. I have accepted yet another challenging and growth inspiring professional role. Maybe I'm not meant to have a status quo.