Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ethan may be a distant memory, a character laid to rest, but Beth will most certainly fill part of the void. She was originally created to demonstrate Loredana's inability to read people. But she turned out to be a little over-dramatized. In my revisions, I have toned her down, yet built her up at the same time. (At least, I THINK I have!)

I have been having fun fine-tuning this character. The changes have been inspired by a resource I have come to love, Writing and Selling the YA novel by K.L. Going. Though I hate defacing books with highlights, I have marked up countless pages with notations. I know I'll be returning to these spots again and again.

Beth is also coming more to life because of my intense reading for research. In the past, I was afraid of copying the great authors, instead of creating my own voice. (Not to mention that reading others made me feel inadequate!) But, after constant urging to read more of my genre, I got over myself and began reading in earnest. My Kindle has helped quite a bit too, because I can highlight passages and take notes, without defacing paper books.

So, as I mourn the loss of one character, I celebrate the birth of another. I think Beth is really going to be great, at least, I hope so. She' ll be a useful tool in bringing Loredana to life. She will be dynamic and interesting, instead of hot and cold. I look forward to becoming acquainted with her.

Some of the books I've read recently for inspiration include: Riding the Universe by Gaby Triana, Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr, Carrie by Stephen King. and, as I mentioned before, the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. With more coming, of course! Many of which, I have found via Blogger.

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