Friday, March 18, 2011

Sometimes I Forget...But Then I'm Reminded Secret #6

I fantasize. I believe. I wish.

Most of the time these are great qualities, leading me to be optimistic even during the darkest of winters. I can be a pillar of hope for so many people I love. And often my positivity reaches out to strangers.

But sometimes, even I reach the end of my rainbow. And I have yet to find a pot of gold.

I pout. I cry. I say things I shouldn't to people who may not deserve it.

And during these times, I tend to shut down. I forget about the people who appreciate every part of me. I feel alone and lost with no one to show me the way.

Every time, though, there's always someone who appears, lends a hand and helps me back onto my feet.

This post is dedicated to everyone who reminds me of who I am. Thank you....

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