Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've been thinking about the cost of burnout.

It's pretty high.

For a while, I've thought Alzheimer's or early dementia was setting in.  

I couldn't make decisions AT ALL.
I had no motivation-okay, I had bursts of motivation but ended up feeling the same a day later.
I was tired.
I was angry.
-And all of the above occurred while I was home with my family.

Then, I took some time off from my "real" job.  And suddenly, my brain started working again-within DAYS!!!

FINALLY, I feel the relief.  I'm able to enjoy my life, without the residual toxicity of work invading my every moment.  But more striking to me-I'd allowed myself to develop immunity to the negative feeling.

Now my priorities are back in place and some things in my mind have shifted.  I also have new options that weren't available a month ago. I'm ready to face more than I have in a long time.

So, now what?  It's back to writing I go....and I'm pretty excited!!


  1. Oh man. Burnout! That's what it is! Help!!!

  2. Sera, it doesn't have to be a "Day job" that causes burnout...it can be anything...