Monday, November 7, 2011

Fourteen Years Ago Today....

Mr & Mrs Mark D. Kapinos
I married the man of my dreams on November 7, 1997.

Yes, I really did have dreams about him before we met.

Weird, but true.

And since that day, I've had a best friend beside me.

We've disagreed, fought, had our issues, but it's always come down to one thing: US.

And neither one of us has forgotten that through the chaos of life and the whirlwind of kids.

So, thank you Moosey for a great fourteen years and here's to MANY MORE!!!!  I LOVE YOU!!

Love, ME


  1. Thanks Honey. I LOVE YOU! We look like we're 16 in this picture!

  2. So cute and you look soooo young in this pic :) You guys make me believe in everlasting love :) Happy Anniversary kiddos!