Monday, April 27, 2009

Venom in my Veins

Ok, I admit it. I am HOOKED on the Twilight Series. I devoured the first three books. New Moon was especially painful to get into, but I persevered and don't regret it. But, wait, hear me out...I don't love it like the OTHERS love it. I love it for it's research value. Stephanie Meyer has reached an unbelievable number of humans and probably moved some vampires as well, but HOW, is what I want to know.

I am not going to herald her as a literary genius; neither am I going to trash her writing. But I will say, that she has roped me into her emotional legacy. She has motivated me to continue creating my own emotional novel. I don't want to copy or mimick her, but I am happy to say, I am learning a lot.

The craft of writing is interpretive, I think. Or maybe it's the art that is. I don't know for sure, but I do know that we are supposed to read and learn from our own genre. Twilight is the epitomy of my genre, except I don't write about vampires or werewolves. I DO write about intense emotional relationships, though. And though I don't always like everything about the books, I am glad I chose to read them.

I have been inspired. I have venom in my veins that will keep me up late at night, thirsty for my next kill and maybe even younger too! Ahhh, to write is to dream, is it not?


  1. The Twilight series definitely enhanced my motivation to work on writing about emotions and emotional relationships in my own book, which is something I don't find easy to do. I was hooked with Meyer's first book and finished the series; they were fascinating to me while I read them, but I probably won't go back to read them again. The books are very powerful in connecting us with our emotions, so I will refer to them again to study how her writing does that effectively!

  2. Kimberly,

    That's what I love about my Kindle. I can highlight certain passages in the text that were especially meaningful, i.e. that I can learn from. Though I have read hard copies of the Twilight series, I may very well buy them in e-format, too.