Saturday, February 5, 2011

When Hobbies Collide

Since my sister taught me to read at the young age of four, I've been a bookworm. I used to read anything at anytime, though lately, I've been a little more discriminate.

Now that I'm a parent, I'm trying to pass along my love I'm raising two children, both of whom were read to while still in utero. To this day, my motto is "Boredom is impossible because you can READ." Though I wouldn't call either child a bookworm (yet) they both have a strong love for the written word.

In an effort to support my love of books, my husband purchased me a Kindle when they first came out. Let's just say, I've already had to replace the battery and have nearly bankrupted us with purchases. (Not REALLY, because I'm a freak for free books, but I DO READ A LOT!)

Unfortunately, most of my reading is way far behind the times, because by the time I hear about a good book, it's been out for a while. A review late in the game would just get lost in the shuffle, so I've never seen the point. Until NOW.

Last week I heard about Here, I can download pre-published galleys of books (for free!) and review them.  I mean, how perfect is this?  I love to read and then discuss books I've read.  In addition, I can learn more and more about the genre I in which I write.  It's a win-win situation when three of my hobbies collide!

If there's a particular book you'd like me to read, contact me.  Or if there's a discussion you'd like to have, comment.  But remember not to attack anyone personally.  To the write of this blog, I've listed my criteria of review.  It may not be all inclusive, but it's the top five things that matter to me.  And like all things in writer's lives, this is a WIP (a work in progress) so bear with me as I learn.

So stay tuned for posts containing reviews of soon to be released books.  I'm really excited and hope to keep the momentum up.  Happy Reading all!

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