Saturday, January 22, 2011

Conflict? Yeah, right. Secret #2 Revealed

So, I'm reading Writing the Breakout Novel, right? Under the Plot chapter is the topic of conflict.  But prior to this, Donald Maass recommends reaching deep into yourself and pulling out the real stuff to write the great stuff.  In doing so, and applying it to conflict, I have now realized what a peace maker I am.

So HOW do I write about conflict when I do everything in my personal life to avoid it?

Let me back up.  For those of you who know me, I'm sure there are varied opinions on this topic as it applies to me. And I think that's because I work so hard to AVOID conflict that I end up exploding, like a volcano, and creating more than if I had just spoken up in the first place.

See?  This is me: always smiling.
And usually, the more I feel-good or bad-the more I smile.
Very deceiving, isn't it?  Especially when that smiling face suddenly morphs into a crazed, screaming woman-whom everyone in my life has met at some time.  As much as I've tried to hide her.

Anyway, because I generally dislike conflict, I think I'm finding it very hard to incorporate into my fiction.  But then again, I hate reading happy "Mamby Pamby Land" books where everything smells sweet and feels perfect.  THAT ought to tell me something.

DUH!  I'm conflicted.  That means, if I write it, I can no longer pretend it's not there.  Or can I?  Well, maybe that would deepen my sense of inner conflict and enhance my novel.  So, THAT'S IT!  I'll keep the conflict going until I've gotten my way.

And, true to the self I've always wanted to be...I hope my novel "gives you hell" the same way it's given me HELL!

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