Saturday, April 2, 2011

Found it, Finally!!!

I've written.

I've learned.

I've revised.

And my novel has come a long way.

But, writers, do you know, that voice that's constantly chirping in the back of your head to create a certain WAY?

Some call it your inner editor or self censoring-but being a Disney freak-I prefer to call it  MY Jiminy Cricket.  He says things like: "That sounds dumb..."  or "Too many words Loretta."  or "No one wants to read THAT."

He exists for a reason, I know this, but still I seriously dislike him!!  (No offense, Walt, really, but he needs to be quiet when I'm writing. Just sayin'.)

Anyway, I think for ONCE I quelled him.  I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but I'm going to try to do it again in a few minutes.  What I did was open a chapter that needed serious revisions and just had fun with it, as if I was at a workshop brain dumping.  No thought about what I was trying to say or exactly which words I should use.  I just wrote.

And you know what? I loved it!

When I reread it, I loved it, still!!!  The narrative was real, relaxed and enjoyable.  I even read it to my husband, who smiled blankly and said "Great!."  (He's very enthusiastic, but does not have a reader's mind. I find it cute that he listens and tries to get it.)

So, now I truly think I've found my voice.  I thought I had, but now this new stuff coming out of me feels more genuine.  And I think my critique partners will agree.  Yeah, it's a stretch revealing my voice, but now that it's here, I realize I've always had's just been silent...all these years.  Here's a tribute to one of my favorite musicians EVER!  Thank you Tori Amos for inspiring me since I was seventeen years old.


  1. Wow! Did I nail this song on you CD or what? My sister told me not to put such a "sad song" (her words) on your CD, but I knew better.

  2. We see the world differently Sera....That song is SO not sad to me...