Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Thoughts

So many people say that their mother made them who they are today.  And it's true...moms influence us in ways that no one else can.

But what happens when YOU are the mom?


Doesn't that change you as a person too?

Of course it does.  And I'm so thankful to be a mom.  I've learned more from my kids collectively than any experience in my life.

They are the mirrors of my soul: reflecting who I was, can be and will be in the future.

Does that put a price on them?  NO...the cost is always mine.  

I can choose to acknowledge what they are showing me or not.  Sometimes it's easier than others.  Often times, it's easy to overlook, explain away or ignore.  But something in me won't let me.  I need to grow, learn, develop.  And my little critters help me so much.

So, today, Mother's Day...I'd like to thank THEM for making me a better mom than I ever thought possible!!!

Love you D & A...

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