Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maybe I See What I Want to See....

I try to be a realist-always.  Sometimes I sugar coat my words or cloak them in disguise because I'm sooo afraid of being wrong.

But not this time.

Not now.

I'm stating my one truth with the acknowledgement that maybe I see what I want to see...but in the end, I'm usually right.


I hear rumblings on Twitter-editors/agents seeking emotional realistic books.  I see such type novels receiving big time awards.  And I'm putting it all together. Maybe I need to believe this because my novel is realistic. (Let's face it-I need something to keep me going.) But in all honesty, I feel it in my gut. My instinct is
screaming that the time has come for real, hard-core stories for teens.

And then I see a tweet by Judy Blume:

Judy Blume
Screened Tiger Eyes yesterday in LA. Exciting to see it with audience. Not a dry eye in house. Not schmaltzy, but emotional.

Original Cover from website Jezebel

Holy FREAKING CRAP!  If this movie does well it COULD change everything in the Young Adult literary world....if JUDY BLUME revives her timeless stories into a modern day movie, then the possiblities are endless.  (If you can't already tell, she's one of my heroes-always has been and always will be.)

Maybe I'm overreacting...being too emotionally intense as usual.  But right now, I do NOT care.  Judy Blume is the epitome of everything I strive to be.  And if she starts gaining popularity with this generation, I am SO following her lead!!


  1. I had that book with that exact cover. I loved it. Judy Blume was one of the few great young adult authors for my teen generation.

    If realistic fiction becomes big, I don't know what I'll do. I don't even know if I can write realistic fiction.

  2. I think a lot of writers feel that way Theresa. But to me, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian type work is impossible for me to even think about writing.

    The arguments against realistic going big are numerous...but either way, I think there's room for all of us. :)