Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why I Love Whitney on NBC

I'm not much of a TV watcher...never really have been.  Well, there was this time, a few years back when Thursday was reserved for "Friends" night, but that ended with the demise of the series.  Since then, I've been channel surfing and coming up with nothing.

That's okay.  I've filled my time with family, reading and writing.


I can not watch an episode of Whitney on NBC without rolling in laughter.  I cry tears and my ribs hurt when it's over-even if I'm watching it for the fourth or fifth time.

I don't know...maybe because it feels like I'm watching someone I can finally identify with...a woman with a few hang-ups, a lot of opinions and no fear about expressing them.  Someone like that is special and pretty hard to find. (Wink, wink to anyone who knows me.)

So, here's one of my favorite clips.  I love it-especially Whitney's thoughts on roses.  Enjoy and may you'll laugh as hard as I do every time I see it!!

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