Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Announcement of Intention

It's 2010. I have goals. Real ones. Some are in my control and some are not. My blog, website are in my control and may shift the tide for me.

I am about to embark on the lovely journey of finding an agent. It will be a long, hard road. I expect rejections, a lot of rejections. And honestly, I can embrace it. But what if one actually wants to read my novel? What if...God, I can't even go there. Though I should start imagining that I will sign an agent this year. Isn't that how dreams come to fruition?

Well, maybe later I will think of that.

Anyway, I have not been keeping this blog active. And that is going to change. So is the whole site itself, along with my website.

I have a plan. One that involves my platform: Young Adult, Fiction/Novel writing, Depression and Suicide.

Yes! I said the words: DEPRESSION and SUICIDE.

I want to talk about them. It's about time.

So, over the n ext few months, expect big changes from my blog and website. And maybe, I can interest a few agents, thereby swaying the odds in my favor.

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  1. Outstanding! Real topics and real issues in our society that are still taboo in this day and age. You can and will make a change, Loretta!