Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yeah, I'm addicted to Victorious. Can you blame me?

YES, I'm addicted to Victorious.   I could give a thousand excuses, but I won't.  It all comes down to my writing.  The more I watch this show, the easier it is for me to create the strong teen girl character I want to portray.  Plus, the show's theme song really takes the edge of my fear of success.  And let me tell you, that fear is growing by the second, especially with what I see happening in YA today.  Realistic fiction is making a comeback.  Strong female characters are in demand.  Uh, oh world look OUT:

"Cause you know that if your live in
Your imagination
Tomorrow you'll
Be everybody's fascination
In my victory
Just remember me
When I make it shine"


  1. This my dear is why I love you :)

  2. I LOVE Victorious! This is something that always lives on my DVR. PS you can find the intro song on itunes and amazon