Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inspired by The Glen

Last week I immersed myself in the world of writing.  I didn't have to go far.  Lucky for me, The Glen East Workshop came to Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Ma-practically my own back yard. 

Every morning, we had a three hour workshop on Young Adult Fiction-where we critiqued each other's manuscripts with the one and only Sara Zarr.  OH YEAH!!  

And now, I'm back to reality.  But as I return, I'm integrating one small piece at a time.  So, I'm writing a letter to my main character.

Dear Loredonna,

As I your writer, I think you should know how frustrated I am.  Please don't take it personally.  You're growing and so am I.  You are making me crazy!!  One minute the words from you flow so easily and the next I feel I'm creating only crap.  I am aware this is normal, thanks to my writer friends, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd cooperate.  So, here's a song dedicated to you that really explains what I'm feeling:


Lorettajo Kapinos, the author of your life

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